News of the iTunes movie download service just keeps on a comin'! Just yesterday I told you of the leaks regarding an upcoming announcement from Apple and some of the expectations for a time-frame of when we can expect the service to begin. Now, thanks to, I can also tell you about some of the movies that will be available within the first few years (not sure why they can't put 'em out all at once, but whatever). So far, only Disney and Lionsgate titles have managed to slide onto the net(see the list after the jump).

The site also mentioned a rumored name change for iTunes in the works. This makes sense since iTunes is now selling shows and movies in addition to tunes, but really, the name is so well-known as a brand that I can't imagine Apple would bother. The change wouldn't happen for a long time and may depend on how well the movies sell. For now the current iTunes software will simply include a "movie store" link in the menu sidebar.