Remember back in the 1950s, when Edward Murrow ran his fantastic radio program This I Believe? Okay, neither do I (because I wasn't around until some thirty years later), but I've heard about it, and it sounds like it was a pretty sweet gig. In the intimidating days of the Cold War, Murrow had all sorts of people on the air reading short essays about their basic life morals and principles and whatnot. You get the idea -- and a good idea it is. Recently, NPR (that's National Public Radio, if you somehow don't already know) has revived the concept with great success; you can dig the archives of the new version here. Trust me, it is well worth your time.

Stepping up to the plate for NPR's This I Believe for the September 11th broadcast will be tremendously popular geek icon Frank Miller, the man behind many fantastic comic titles and the highly acclaimed Sin Citymovie, which was translated from his own books. Miller, like many other people, found his personal thoughts on a man's connection to his own country profoundly rewrought after the events of 9/11. It is an interesting change, and one he hasn't been shy to speak out about. If you remember, you can listen in for Miller's thoughts -- or check the archives a few days later and catch him on your own time.
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