Jumping Off BridgesIndie filmmakers have been trying all kinds of ways to show their films when they're unable to find a good distribution deal. Sometimes their methods seem as creative as the filmmaking. Two of the films I saw at SXSW this year have selected some innovative methods of distribution:
  • 51 Birch Street, the personal documentary directed by Doug Block, will be distributed via Landmark's new Truly Indie program. Filmmaker/blogger A.J. Schnack points out that this is great news for filmmakers, because Block is a prolific longtime blogger and will hopefully share the pros and cons of his experience with Truly Indie.
  • Jumping off Bridges, the narrative feature directed by Kat Candler, is being self-distributed. Storie Productions will tour the Austin-shot feature around the country in the next few months. What's different for this film is that many of the screenings are co-sponsored by local suicide prevention groups and counseling centers. The drama's storyline centers around teen and adult characters who have to deal with a suicide.

If you're interested in this sort of thing, IFC has also posted some recent news about indie films trying various self-distribution strategies. [via CinemaTech]