I've tried as hard as conceivably possible to avoid this story because it's about as lame as a story can get: Daniel Craig, my fantasy-husband and your future James Bond, has been caught kissin' a man -- specifically, Truman Capote, in the latest Capote biopic, Infamous. As we are all likely aware, Mr. Craig will play the role of Perry Smith, one of the duo of killers Capote interviews as the subject for his book, In Cold Blood. Thisnewshasturnedupeverywhere, absurdly.

Basically, I'm of the opinion that Mr. Craig may kiss whomever he wants and take whichever movie roles he'd like, regardless of what the script calls for him to do with his lips. Frankly, I love him and he can do no wrong. What totally upsets me is that none of these articles acknowledges that this is not the first time Mr. Craig has kissed another man onscreen, and by failing to acknowledge this, all these cheesy gossip rags have overlooked an excellent, important film of Mr. Craig's - 2004's Enduring Love. Maybe this latest kiss is catching all the flak because Craig's character entered into it voluntrily, unlike his kiss in Love with Rhys Ifans, which came at the tensest moment in the film. But Craig's character in Love is the Devil certainly voluntarily submits to a love affair with British painter Francis Bacon, played by Derek Jacobi. I've never seen Love is the Devil, but I think you get the idea that Enduring Love is highly recommended.
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