I don't know about you, but there is something about dancing CGI penguins that seriously intrigues me. Although, to be honest, mostly it's just penguins in general, be they dancing or otherwise (the dancing is just an added bonus). I know this comes straight from some marketing guy who said something similar to: "hey, penguins are hot. People always love penguins. They're so cute. You know how we could sell them even better? Make them dance! What's cuter than dancing penguins? It'll sell like crazy." And that marketing guy was right, they will. However, they will not sell in 3-D, as original plans for Happy Feet had suggested back in October. Although they have given no reason for the change, Warner Bros.has supposedly tossed their plans to convert the movie into 3-D for IMAX theaters. Speculation, of course, lands on the poor IMAX performance of The Ant Bully, but there's really no way to know for now what brought about the change.

Some movies beg for 3-D action. I understand converting some of Superman, and I definitely get 3-D Spider-Man, yet I'm not really sure I understand the appeal of The Ant Bully in 3-D ... although basic principles would suggest making anything 3-D is sorta fun. However, I can't imagine lacking a 3-D IMAX showing is going to seriously hurt the box office performance of HappyFeet. Thoughts?