While we haven't seen much of him lately (except for a vocal appearance in Ice Age 2: The Meltdown), Seann William Scott is looking to explode within the next couple years, what with eight films currently in different stages of production. Although I've never found him appealing as an actor (if there was an anti-Seann William Scott fanclub, chances are I'd be a member), Hollywood apparently loves this guy's shtick.

Case in point: Production Weekly reports the dude is in talks to star in Big Brother (which IMDB lists as Big Brothers), an edgy comedy to be directed by Luke Greenfield. Pic is said to revolve around a "selfish businessman who's forced to participate in the Big Brother program and is paired with a tough teen." As you can imagine the two initially butt heads, though later become friends after our shady hero teaches his new apprentice about all of the immoral things he used to climb the corporate ladder. Big Brother hopes to begin production in January.

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