Though still in its toddler stages, Keith Calder's financing and production company, Snoot Entertainment, is wasting no time chasing after the big, ambitious projects. According to Variety, Snoot has picked up the film rights to Robert J. Sawyer's (pictured right) novella Identity Theft, which marks the company's first live-action feature.

Using the planet Mars as a setting (hmm, I wonder if the color red will appear a lot?), story revolves around a private eye who is hired to find the husband of a beautiful woman after he turns up missing when the couple transfer their minds into artificial bodies. (Yeah, how about they find a way to transfer muscles into my body? Ya know, without me having to do stuff ... like go to a gym and, um, lift something.) With private financing and outside equity investors, Snoot's other projects include the CGI animated film Terra, which is currently in production and stars the voices of Evan Rachel Wood, Brian Cox, David Cross, James Garner and Danny Glover, among others.

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