Anyone who's ever spent time on an interstate highway knows how resoundingly nasty those rest stops can be: Rusty doors and leaky ceilings, nasty water and ... unpleasant ... facilities. Basically you're better off doing your business in the woods, if you ask me. (Then again, I'm a guy, and we have an unfair advantage in certain respects.) But if you need another good reason to avoid your next visit to a rest stop -- I have a movie you might want to check out.

It's called Rest Stop, and it's the inaugural release from WB's new "Raw Feed" shingle. Yeah, it's a direct-to-video release, but based on the trailer I just watched, I gotta say the thing looks a lot more interesting than 75% of what passes for horroratyourlocalmultiplex. Rest Stop comes from writer/director John Shiban, who is a first-timer where horror features are concerned -- but he also spent a lot of years writing, producing and directing for The X-Files, Harsh Realm, Enterprise and Supernatural. Newcomer Jaimie Alexander plays the lead shrieker, and she's joined by names like Deanna Russo, Nick Orefice, Joey Mendicino and Joseph Lawrence as The Sheriff. (Yes, that Joey Lawrence.)

October 17th is when the Rest Stop DVD hits the shelves. You can choose between the R and Unrated versions, but c'mon -- what self-respecting horror fan is gonna choose R over unrated? Sheesh.
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