This is some pretty big news, so let's use that handy old writer's crutch known as The Bullet Point:

  • Starting this Thursday you'll be able to download movies (and TV shows) from's brand-new Unbox service. Rental movies are $3.99 and the permanent downloads will run you about $15. TV episodes will be 2 bucks, and you can get 'em the day after they play on network TV.
  • Warner Bros., Fox, Paramount, MGM, Lionsgate, Sony and Universal are all on board. Disney is not. (You'll be able to download Disney fare via iTunes, but that's not what this story is about. This one, however, is.)
  • Amazon will give members their own movie page, which will be accessible from any computer, to house all their purchases.
  • The picture quality will (allegedly) be on par with DVD technology, and you'll most likely be using Amazon's own browser-embedded player to enjoy your films.
  • The "window" issue still hasn't been clarified. We're not yet sure if we can purchase Movie X upon its DVD release -- or if we have to wait for the pre-cable pay-per-view window.
Sounds like a pretty good plan. (Check out an excellent sneak peek!) I'll definitely be checking out the Unbox service -- although nothing's gonna stop me from continuing to build one helluva powerful DVD collection.