In a move that I find rather interesting and fun, Michael Caine will be playing a different role in the remake of Sleuth, a film in which he originally starred back in 1972. Kenneth Branagh is set to direct, while Jude Law will take over as the character Caine once played.

Based on the Anthony Shaffer play (with a script by Harold Pinter), story revolves around a thriller writer (Caine) who, upon losing his wife to a young hairdresser (Law), decides to hatch a complex revenge plan. In the original, Caine played the hairdresser and Laurence Olivier played the writer. Pic marks the second time Law will be taking on a role once owned by Caine, having also starred in the 2004 remake of Alfie. Hmm, I guess we can now officially call Jude Law a young Michael Caine.

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