It has been a popular one thus far, featuring names from alloverHollywood, and until writer/director Joss Whedon gives his final word, the rumor mill surrounding casting of the lead in Wonder Woman will continue to swirl endlessly. An early favorite among Whedonites was Charisma Carpenter, who had worked previously with Whedon on his television shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel (playing Cordelia Chase in both). While dozens of names have been tossed into the ring, few have been met with the popular support Carpenter garnered when she first discussed her interest in the role back in March of this year. The news went nowhere, however, and the rumor mill moved on to seemingly greener pastures.

But fear not, oh fans of Carpenter -- the lady refuses to give up and still hopes for a reunion with Whedon. In yet another interview with TV Guide, Carpenter responded to a Wonder Woman question by stating she is "working on it," and went on to say "I'm dying to kick butt as Wonder Woman. Itching to kick butt! In my last year of Angel, I was really pregnant and I couldn't do any butt-kicking, so I would really like this opportunity to work with Joss and take it to a new level."
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