It was quite a culture shock going from the peace and beauty of Telluride to the hustle and energy of the Toronto International Film Festival. My trip to Toronto involved numerous mishaps which seem a little more amusing after a solid night's sleep than they did at the time. First, flying out of Gunnison, I almost didn't get on my plane at all because I didn't have a passport, just my birth certificate (which is all you're required to have until December 31). The kid at the counter was flustered by my lack of a passport, however, and it took a very long time and him making several phone calls to finally figure out that no, I did not have to have a passport, and yes, there was a way to enter me in the system and print my boarding passes.

The flight to Denver was on a tiny prop plane (did I mention I hate small planes and that I'm claustrophobic?) and we had major turbulence for all 36 minutes and 23 seconds we were in the air, not that I was counting. Also, in spite of the fact that on the flight to Gunnison we had been provided bottled water, on the flight out, when someone asked about the water, the flight attendant rudely snapped that we weren't getting any and it was a short flight anyhow. You'd be amazed how thirsty and grumpy 40 people can get when they are deprived of water for half an hour.