Zach Braff in The Last Kiss

As all good things sadly must, this summer has officially come to a close -- at least as far as movies are concerned. That means no more record-breaking flicks about metrosexual pirates, no more films with budgets exceeding the GNP of Mexico and -- tragically -- no more summer movies posts on this blog. But don't fret -- today a new blog rises from the ashes of the old. New Blog, I dub thee "Hold the 'Fone." This new title refers to the fact that it's a Moviefone blog (that's the 'Fone part -- yes, we're witty over here) and also to the blog's undying purpose: to bring you -- the knowledge-thirsty movie lover -- breaking casting news, movie gossip, the latest film reviews and some extremely timely and insightful observations about film.

My colleagues will kick off this new chapter in Moviefone blogging this weekend, with live updates from the Toronto Film Festival. Posts will include the scoop on some of the fall season's much-ballyhooed films and Oscar contenders. Expect our early takes on the sure-to-be-hilarious 'Borat,' the buzzed-about Will Ferrell dramedy 'Stranger Than Fiction,'Darren Aronofsky's beautifully trippy labor of love 'The Fountain' and many more.

Before I go, I'll shamelessly plug an AIM interview I recently did with Zach Braff for 'The Last Kiss.' It's a great flick about grappling with turning 30 and coming to terms with the sad fact that your wild, rebellious, consequence-free years are gone. And it's a great interview, too. Zach talks about picking the songs for the soundtrack, writing and directing his next project and how it was awkward making out with Rachel Bilson. He sucked it up, though.
Check out the AIM interview now

And I'll also leave you with a little pearl of wisdom I learned from 'Little Miss Sunshine': "Sarcasm is the refuge of losers." Oh, is it? That is soooooo insightful.

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