year's Kennedy Center Honors have been announced, and they are: film director Steven Spielberg; singer/actress Dolly Parton; singer Smokey Robinson; composer Andrew Lloyd Webber; conductor Zubin Mehta. What an eclectic group that is, and just imagine what kind of project the five of them could collaborate on. If I was in charge of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, I sure would make that part of the ceremony; let them meet and then give them a year with which to work together on something to be shown at the next annual Honors. Unfortunately, I'm not in charge. So, the five honorees will simply receive their accolades at the ceremony, which will be hosted by Condoleezza Rice and attended by the President and First Lady, on December 3rd (to be taped and later broadcast on CBS).

Anyway, just for fun, who can think up the best ingredients to the never-to-exist partnering of these five artists? I'll make it harder: No Bible stories, no lyrics that reference tears, no aliens or war stories and no mention of Dolly's body parts.

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