Odds and ends from Wednesday:

  • Production Weekly reports that Meg Ryan may replace Annette Bening as Antonio Banderas' co-star in the previously reported flick Homeland Security. Currently, there's no word on why this change is being made, though I imagine it probably has something to do with scheduling conflicts. George Gallo will direct off his own script, which is said to be a "mystery in the tradition of Alfred Hitchcock's To Catch a Thief."
  • Finally, there's some good news regarding the planned Pink Panther sequel that we're all just dying to wrap our arms around and love forever and ever. That's right, Beyoncé Knowles will not be reprising her role as Xania in part two. (I'll wait a minute while you high-five those people crowded around the screen. Um, you do gather people around the computer when you read Cinematical, right?) According to Moviehole via Sky News, the pop singer-turned-actress rejected the role because she's too busy planning her next album. Yeah, and I have to take a shower once a week ... but you don't see me complaining.
  • It's hard to knock this next story because we're talking about a worthy cause here. As part of a promotion for Ashton Kutcher's upcoming film The Guardian (in which he co-stars alongside Kevin Costner), Kutcher will donate one dollar for the first 50,000 people that ask to be friends with the actor on his MySpace page. All proceeds will go towards post-Katrina rebuilding efforts. MySpace is slowly becoming a studio exec's wet dream, as a number of actors and filmmakers (see: Kevin Smith) are beginning to use the website to market their films. Yeah, so head on over to this dude's MySpace page and help provide someone with a better life. Heck, it can be your Mitzvah for the day. [via JoBlo]

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