Red Doors is about a family where everyone seems to have somehow lost their emotional connections to each other. The family in the film is Chinese-American, and that is both relevant and not relevant to the film. It's not relevant in that this story -- parents and children cut off from each other and struggling to reconnect -- could have been told about any family. The family's race is relevant to the history of the film, though; filmmaker Georgia Lee and her producing partners struggled to get the film made. They had interest from studios, but only if they would make the family Caucasian instead of Asian, or if they would make the lesbian couple in the film a heterosexual couple. Lee and her partners wanted to make the film on their own terms, though -- they are Asian-American, and they wanted to make a film with Asian-American actors, and tell an Asian-American story in a way that wasn't stereotypical. So they raised the funds themselves to make the film they wanted, and Red Doors is the result.

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