So after weeks of not caring at all (and for good reason), video footage of junk-lenser Uwe Bollfighting one of his detractors has just arrived online. And, hoo boy -- what a treat it is! YouTube tells us it's "Uwe vs. Oso," although if you look back over the list of battlers, you won't find an Oso there. I'm pretty sure that Uwe (black T-shirt) is throwing fists with one Carlos Palencia of -- and I'm only guessing that way because I heard a lot of Spanish on the video.

Speaking of the video, wow -- my 1984 Bar Mitzvah tape has better production value. I mean, with a powerhouse like sponsoring this juggernaut of a boxing extravaganza, you'd think they could hire a homeless guy to point a real camera towards the festivities. (Hey, maybe they did! A 4-hour Boll Boxing DVD could soon be a reailty!) Anyway, I got bored after less than 79 seconds of the 9-minute clip, so someone let me know who won. I have $450,000 riding on Palencia.

Ah, and don't forget: The point of all this horrible boxing is to show the world that Uwe Boll's moviesdon'tactuallystink. I'm officially convinced.
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