On my way out of Telluride back to Gunnison Wednesday, I stopped at the Office Depot (hooray for civilization!) and bought myself a USB cord, and, 'lo! I am now able to actually download the pictures from my camera and into my trusty laptop! I was driving the three-plus hours to Gunnison, in case you're curious, because all the flights into Telluride and Montrose were booked, and Gunnison was as close as I could get. Fortunately, it was a nice drive.The pic above is of the amazing Colorado sky, taken near Blue Mesa Lake.

If you're hoping for lots of cool celeb shots, sorry. Telluride is a laid-back festival where stars come to relax and feel normal, and honestly, although I saw a few, I just didn't want to intrude on their privacy and fun at the fest. I suppose that makes me a lousy paparazzi. No doubt we'll get plenty of celeb pics for you at Toronto, but Telluride is all about the beauty and the films. There are a few more pics after the fold.

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