Just in time for this year's anticipated return of Rocky Balboa to the big screen (in the simply titled Rocky Balboa), the iconic statue of the character (who is played by Sylvester Stallone) will be making a comeback as well. As Scott mentioned two weeks ago, deciding what to do with the statue (which is titled "Rocky" and depicts the fictional boxer with his arms raised in triumph) has been a topic of debate and controversy. Some see it as just an artless movie prop (commissioned for Rocky III, but also seen in Rocky V, Mannequin and Philadelphia), while others think of it as an important part of the city of Philadelphia. In the end, the movie fans and the proud citizens won out over the art snobs. On Wednesday, a vote in favor of returning the statue to the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art was reached by the city's Art Commission, although its location will now be at the bottom of the steps, rather than its original placement at the top.

No offense to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, but they're likely going to see more tourism from having the Rocky statue in front than they would without it. I love going to art museums and yet, for some reason, I never went to Philly's in the whole three months I lived there, almost ten years ago. Probably because the statue wasn't there (though, also because it wasn't in a suitable location for my bike-riding self to get to; I lived there the summer that SEPTA, the public transportation system, was on strike, after all). As for those of you who can't get to Philly to see the museum or the statue, I hear one of the other three commissioned statues is occasionally up for auction on eBay.