I have to confess: The photo I shared from The Freshman yesterday was not my first choice of a football scene in a movie: I really wanted something from MASH. I couldn't find any stills from the 1970 film's climactic and hilarious football game, but I did find this marvelous shot of Trapper John (Elliot Gould) and Hawkeye (Donald Sutherland) sporting colorful golfing outfits from Tokyo that clash terribly with the Korean War. How they ended up in Tokyo with their golf clubs in the first place is something you'll have to watch the movie to experience -- I am sure that the golf scene in Animal House must be a direct tip of the hat to Trapper and Hawkeye using the helicopter landing pad as a driving range.

The first time I saw MASH I didn't like it -- I was in high school, watching the film late at night while on a babysitting gig. It was probably the dirtiest film I'd seen up to that point, even edited for late-night network TV, and seemed downright sacreligious to a Catholic girl. I loved the TV show but was shocked by the movie. And yet, a year or so later, I wanted to see it again. And again. (My favorite line: "How d'you want your steak cooked?") When I finally saw MASH in a theater I realized that I'd been watching pan-and-scan versions on TVs so small that many amusing background details were unnoticeable. I own the DVD now, but I try not to pass up the opportunity to enjoy MASH in a movie theater.
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