Just yesterday, our very own Matt Bradshaw told you how actor/director/writer Zach Braff decided to push back plans for directing his next flick in the interest of waiting on a few actors he really wanted. At the time, we had no idea what this would do to the long rumored plans of Zach Braff taking the lead role in a new Fletchmovie. However, 24 hours is a long time in movie-land, and we now have newer and more up-to-date information. While doing promotional work for his newest acting gig, The Last Kiss, Braff took some time out to discuss future plans. He had a lot to say about the new and (final?) season of Scrubs (including a possible guest role -- David Cross as Tobias Funke!), and also found time to discuss the whole Fletch Won rumor. As to his involvement in the film, he said "I don't know. Bill Lawrence is definitely writing and directing Fletch, and there's a good chance I'll do it. I've just got to talk to Uncle Harvey (Weinstein) ...I was the one who told Harvey he should hire Bill. Bill's a huge Fletch fan."

So it sounds like Braff is still very interested in the role, although no promises have been made yet. I can't imagine how the situation would lead to Weinstein telling the very popular Braff he can't be in a comedy movie based on a set of books Braff is very familiar with (as evidenced by further comments made by Braff in the same promotional gig), particularly since no time table is in place for Fletch yet. The final word as of right now: Braff still wants Fletch ... but does Fletch want Braff?
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