Every year, the magazines arrive and (I'm assuming) the cheesy network TV entertainment shows start rolling out the mega-promo pieces for Upcoming Fall Movies. Inevitably, I read it all (and actually watch some of the cheesy TV) and get all hyped up on which movies will be good, and which will likely be mediocre. Then I tell everyone I know which movies will be awesome and mediocre, while they, in turn, listen to me, and I somehow neglect to see anything. More often than not, I wind up renting them a half year later when they pop up again in the queue. The three movies I am most likely (but not necessarily guaranteed) to watch in theaters this fall are:

Renaissance - Not only is this movie French (originally), but it takes place in Paris and one of the English-language voices is dubbed by (the incomparable) Daniel Craig! (To be fair, the English version is also voiced by Catherine McCormack, Jonathan Pryce, and Ian Holm, among others.) The plot sounds like a Paris version of 1984: a dark future where all human activity is monitored and recorded by shadowy corporate behemoths in order to sell a duped populace youth and beauty. The high quality of animation featured in the film has been discussed here before, but in case you missed it we're looking at some kind of hybrid between Sin City and Waking Life (or other Linklater movies involving animation and rotoscoping). I feel this could be a movie about absolutely nothing and the gorgeous imagery and composition alone would sustain me for however long.

Running With Scissors - This movie is the one I'm most likely to watch because I read the book in one laugh-filled sitting last year (right before Frey-gate tore a gaping hole in recovery-biography, though, technically, this whole genre got its start in the picaresque novels of 16/17th Century Spain. Yes, I am that good with background). Furthermore, it's star, Joseph Cross has one of the most earnest and engaging faces of any newcomer I've seen since, maybe, Brad Renfro (before the drugs and vandalism charges in my hometown). As if that weren't enough, it has the spectacular, yet often overlooked Annette Bening (who is high up in my list of all time great actresses to emulate) in an Anne Sexton-type eccentric poetess role. I'm so excited about this movie coming out, I've actually tried to endure an episode of Ryan Murphy'sNip/Tuck, but just couldn't bring myself to do it. Nevertheless, I hold out high expectations, and not just because of the foregoing, but also because Lemon Jelly's "The Staunton Lick" is used to soundtrack the trailer.