I have fully acknowledged many times that I'm not a legitimate movie critic. I'm just a schmuck who writes pretty well and knows way too much about comic books. I frequently feel outclassed around my Cinematical peers, who tend to be folks of greatknowledge and talent, particularly when it comes to events such as this one when we all do similar posts. I feel safer when I'm tucked in my niche corner writing about things I feel more qualified to comment on. Nonetheless, here I am, and here are three of my flick picks for this coming fall:

The Geek Choice: The Prestige -- C'mon, we're recombining the director-actor(s) team which brought us the fantastic Batman Begins. Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale, and the ever talented Michael Caine partner up once again to bring us a crazy film in which old school magicians battle each other for trade secrets. Add in Hugh Jackman (a fantastic addition to any geek movie), Scarlett Johansson and David Bowie, and you've got one serious geek epic waiting to happen.

The Penguin Choice: Happy Feet -- I'll openly admit to having a thing for penguins. They are undeniably cute, and I can't resist their antics; be they live action, documentary, or animated. This particular variety are CGI, and they're going to be dancing. Yes, dancing penguins. As an added bonus, this movie also features Hugh Jackman, who is in literally every movie this fall, if you look close enough. It'll also have the vocal talents of Robin Williams, Hugo Weaving, and Elijah Wood. Apparently, Middle Earth turns out good penguin voices. Now if someone would just bring me a movie version of Mr. Popper's Penguins...

The Re-Release Choice: Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas: 3-D -- Wow, look at that -- two animated movies out of three choices. I wouldn't have seen that coming, but there it is. Nightmare is a wonderfully fun flick, and bringing it back to theaters with some revamped 3-D action promises a lot of fun. Sure, it's a cheap ploy for more money, but I'm game.

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