Diane Kruger and Josh Hartnett in Wicker Park

OK, so as I was leaving the Toronto airport with my bags, you know those people who stand there with peoples' names scrawled across a piece of paper, they're usually car-service drivers but they can also be celeb "handlers"? Well, one of them was waiting for Diane Kruger. I didn't actually see Ms. Diane (pictured at left with Josh Hartnett in the criminally underrated 'Wicker Park'), mind you, but now I know she's in town. Probably to promote 'Copying Beethoven,' which I saw a couple weeks ago (in anticipation of coming to the Toronto Film Fest).

And how was 'Copying Beethoven,' you might ask. Think of it as 'Girl With a Pearl Earring' (fictionalized version of young girl who serves as muse to great artist) crossed with 'Casanova' (prettied-up take on historical period piece -- for example, Beethoven, as played by the great Ed Harris, moons Diane's character, Anna Holtz, and makes some crack about the 'Moonlight Sonata' or something to that effect -- heh ... i said "crack." I'm betting that the phrase "mooning" did not exist in Beethoven's time). But the performances were solid -- as I mentioned, Harris is great, Kruger herself is good and her love interest is played by a favorite of mine, British actor Matthew Goode.

Slightly off topic -- did you see that Kruger and Joshua Jackson (he of 'Dawson's Creek' fame) are apparently dating? That's an odd couple, isn't it? Of course, no 'Dawson' alum will ever have as strange a partnering as, uh, well, you know. Do I have to say it? I can't. I already feel dirty reading about them on the plane today in Star magazine (which I can't stand reading, I hate myself the whole time I'm paging through it -- and I really hate their overuse of exclamation marks! so many! ... get it? I used 2 exclamation marks! make that 3). Oh, speaking of Jackson, he has an indie movie coming out, 'Aurora Borealis,' that I've heard good things about -- he's supposed to be good in it.

Oh, by the way, I'm Angie, senior editor at Moviefone, and I'll be one of the team bringing you live coverage of the Toronto Film Festival. And I may meander a bit. Let us know how we're doing here. But be gentle. Not that we can't take it, coz we can, totally, but we're all friends here, right?

I'll be back to talk about other movies -- and real, actual celeb sightings from now through Monday (at which point some new Moviefoners'll join the party). See you later.

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