I'm sure everyone goes through a brief period in their life where they've realized certain things about past relationships and wish they can dig up the contact info for some old significant others in order to somehow make things right between the two and within themselves. Heck, Rob (John Cusack) did it in the film High Fidelity (based off my favorite Nick Hornby book) after the thirty-something record shop owner found himself suffering through a mid-life crisis.

Well, along the lines of Rob's list of his top five most memorable breakups comes Susan Shapiro's romance memoir Five Men Who Broke My Heart, which Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus (authors of The NannyDiaries, which was also turned into a film and will be released next year) will adapt for the big screen. Story revolves around a woman (in this case, Shapiro) who, approaching the age of 40, decides to look up five of her old boyfriends in an attempt to figure out why they dumped her. Since no casting decisions have been made yet (although I have a feeling they will target Renée Zellweger), how about we try to come up with a list of actresses (around the age of 40) who would be great in a role like this? I'll go first: Catherine Keener.

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