Although it has finally fallen out of the top ten in domestic box office returns (still pulling in a healthy $5 million over Labor Day weekend), Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest continues to play very strong in overseas markets, and at $996 million after Wednesday's returns, it sits ready to become only the third film in cinematic history to gross over one billion dollars worldwide. It has already become the first film in over a decade to sit on top the international box office throne for nine consecutive weeks -- and the sucker still has an Italian opening to go (September 15th). This lands Johnny Depp and company at number three on the all-time worldwide box office list, firmly behind LOTR: Return of the King and Titanic. However, it still has $130 million to go before it'll catch those hobbits, and don't even think about that flick with the big boat (which took home $1.83 billion). But still, third place all time is not too shabby, and there are still the ever lucrative DVD sales set to haul in another good chunk of cash. Hmm, it makes those "Mouse House still in the red" reports seem rather ridiculous right about now (as if they weren't before). Suddenly, Johnny Depp's dreams for Pirates of the Caribbean 4-6 don't seem quite so crazy, do they?