After lingering around the studio system for awhile now (with Robert Redford and Gary Winnick previously attached), commercial director Noam Murro has been brought on to make his feature debut with Smart People, a co-production of Groundswell Prods. (second day in a row for them), QED International and Grosvenor Park. Joining the pic is a very smart cast that includes Dennis Quaid, Rachel Weisz and Thomas Hayden Church (who reunites with Sideways producer Michael London).

In the film, Quaid will play a college professor who turns a bit nutty following the death of his wife. However, life soon becomes even more complicated when he falls in love with a former student (Weisz) and his adopted brother (Church) drops in to pay a visit. Flick goes into production this November in Pittsburgh with a script by Mark Poirier (who, as a novelist, is making his screenwriting debut).

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