Look, I know the guy is immortalized among the highest icons of American pop culture for being the fictional captain of a spaceship which flew into each and every corner of the known and unknown universe. So naturally, when we hear that William Shatner (Star Trek's Captain Kirk) turned down an offer for a free ride on Virgin Galactic's first ever passenger flight to outer space (roughly a 150,000 dollar value) our first reaction to this is, "oh, c'mon man! Don't be a pansy!" It strikes us as odd that the man wouldn't want to boldly go ... eh, you get the point.
But let's cut the man a break -- after all, he is 75-years-old. I mean, it isn't like he's in the prime of his physical life here, and space voyaging is a daunting task for anyone. Shatner's explanation? He's old, doesn't want to throw up in outer space, and has no interest in a "fiery crash with the vomit hovering over me." Hmm, sounds logical. In another display of rationality, Shatner said "I do want to go up but I need guarantees I'll definitely come back." Would I want to go? Oh yes, yes I would. I'd jump at the chance, and I envy those who will get to do it. But I certainly can't blame an old man for being a bit scared of the idea. You?
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