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Hi there, Angie here again. This afternoon, i had my first REAL star sighting at the Toronto Film Festival. It was at the Roots store on Bloor St., where Moviefone's set up a studio to film our fabulous Unscripteds, a video show where celebs interview each other. Today, i got to go behind the curtain -- quite literally, since the set, in a corner of the second floor, is created by strategically hung black curtains -- to see Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Costner sit down and chat to promote their upcoming movie 'The Guardian' (which isn't in the festival, but oh well). Kev (i call him Kev now, because we're, like, BFFs) got there first, and he was totally chill -- and damn good looking too, i have to say. And i thought this was so cute -- he had his wife, one of his daughters and his mom (i'm pretty sure i heard him introduce her to someone as his mom) with him. And no star attitude at all. Very cool.

Ashton (i call him Ashton now, but he doesn't want me to) came a little later. To be fair, it was probably because he had to fight the throng of young (and not so young) girls who mobbed the place, just hoping to get a glimpse. Can't blame them, really -- that is one hunky puppy. And seems really sweet. Since he's quite the web-savvy dude, he helped Kevin (techie? not so much) with the mechanics of the computer monitors we use for the interview.

Danny Glover was in one of the "greenrooms" (more like curtained-off little area) waiting to do an Unscripted; Kevin went in to say hello and brought in his wife, daughter and mother to introduce them all. Ashton also went in for a sec, but he had to be snuck out the side door STAT because of the mob of girls still waiting for him. Poor girls. Still there when i left, with no inkling that the object of their excitement had left the building.

(Disclaimer: No celebrities were harmed in the writing of this blog entry. And i am not, in fact, BFFs with Kevin Costner. Nor am i on a first-name basis with Mr. Costner.)

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