When the news first broke on the casting of Heath Ledger as the Clown Price of Crime in Nolan's upcoming The Dark Knight (sequel to Batman Begins, if you haven't heard), we all said something of a collective "whaaa?" He took a beating early in the geek circles, but after withholding my opinion for a few days while I thought it over, I ended up suggesting cautious optimism. After another few weeks, I've decided I want to go on record now with my final prediction: I agree with Christian Bale -- Heath Ledger will be a great Joker. Ledger has started talking about the role recently, and here is his general opinion about the casting choice: "I wouldn't have thought of me, either. But it's obviously not going to be what Jack Nicholson did. It's going to be more nuanced and dark and more along the lines of a Clockwork Orange kind of feel." Ledger also said "It's definitely going to stump people. I think it'll be more along the lines of how the Joker was meant to be in the comics, darker and more sinister."

I'm not sure how I feel about the meeting of the Caped Crusader and Clockwork Orange, but I do like what Ledger is saying. It'd be impossible to out-Nicholson Jack Nicholson himself, so admitting up front you are going for a different style is a wise move. Now I know when you think Heath Ledger you don't instantly think "dark and sinister," but I'm going out on a limb here -- I expect him to own this role.

You can commence your disagreeing ... now.
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