In what's sure to be a fabulous on-screen duo, Warner Bros. has decided to finance and distribute The Bucket List (which Martha told you about back in June, though at that time a studio was not yet involved), bringing Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman onboard to play the lead roles. Not for nothing, but I don't even need to know what the plot for this film will be -- just knowing these two old school pimps are starring is enough to guarantee my ass inside that theater on opening night.

And speaking of old school pimps, Rob Reiner will direct with folks eying a late October production start. In case you're wondering, pic will revolve around two men (Nicholson and Freeman) "who break out of a ward for terminal cancer patients and embark on a road trip, knocking items off a list of things they want to do before kicking the bucket." There's still no word on budget, but who cares -- I'll take a road-trip flick from these boys anytime, anywhere.

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