The first film had barely made it to the theaters before the rumor mill began spinning around a possible cast for the sequel. Batman Begins, under the direction of Christopher Nolan and with the acting talents of Christian Bale and Michael Caine, was an exceptionally well-received movie, and people knew instantly sequels would be on the way. It didn't take very long for said rumor mill to declare Oswald Cobblepot (that's the Penguin, for those of you who don't know) as a character in the next film. Several good names popped up relating to the character, including Bob Hoskins -- a personal favorite. Eventually the rumors died down, and Hoskins faded from the picture ... until now.

IESB recently showed up at the premiere for Hollywoodland, and got the chance to throw Hoskins one quick question: They chose the Batman issue, and asked if he had any involvement. Hoskins appeared taken aback by the question, and indicated that he had never been approached for the role. He did, however, say he would love the chance to work with Nolan, particularly in the Batman universe. Of course, this seems to be a prevailing sentiment in Hollywood these days; everyone wants a piece of the current successful superhero franchise.
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