Clint's Books, a local comic book store in the Kansas City area, will put on display a couple of very exciting pieces of geek memorabilia -- two classic George Reeves era Superman costumes. One of the costumes is the classic Superman color scheme the world is familiar with, while the other is a color variant designed to register well against a black and white color scheme. The owner of the shop, Jim Cavanaugh, is a lifetime Superman fan; he says his parents bought their first television the same year he was born, and some of his earliest memories are of watching Supes in black and white. Cavanaugh acquired the costume in a trade with a former Hollywood stuntman, complete with certificates of authenticity from the costume shop which designed and created them. Cavanaugh coughed up his vintage toy collection for the costumes, which he will now proudly show off in his comic book shop.

If ever there was a serious geek trade, it's a comic book shop owner trading his vintage toy collection for two Reeves' era Superman costumes. And oh, what deal he got!
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