The title more or less says it all for this post -- Mark Steven Johnson has updated the official Ghost Riderblog with a new issue of his video journal. This one focuses on the character of The Caretaker, a mysterious old man who works and lives at a grave yard. Johnson explained that, although The Caretaker as a character actually originates in the Danny Ketch incarnation of the Ghost Rider books (circa 1990s) and the movie features the Johnny Blaze character (circa every Marvel era except the dismal 90s), Caretaker will be used in the film in his familiar role. He is a mysterious, distrusting sage who the Ghost Rider uses as a personal guru.

Personally, I think this is a fine choice, and a decent melding of the two stories. I vastly prefer the Johnny Blaze version of the Ghost Rider, but I very much enjoy The Caretaker as a supporting character. What say you, True Believers? Is pure, unadulterated translation from the pages to be desired above all else, or do moves such as this one serve to enhance the story?