Yes friends, this post officially kicks off the Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer filming coverage. We've now shifted from rumor-mongering and guesswork to actual, legitimate movie production. This is my favorite part of being a movie blogger. Rumors are fun, but they get frustrating. I love watching a movie take shape, particularly one which I'm excited/hopeful about. So be warned, Fantastic Four news will abound in the coming months, and I consider this to be a wonderful thing.

So, are you ready for the first bit of news? I must say, it is a great one to kick off the season: Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you pictures of Michael Chiklis as The Thing in his full costumed glory. Also included are Johnny Storm in his Fantastic Four costume, Sue Storm in regular old street clothes, and a large old statue of Victor Von Doom. Does it look fun? Yes, it certainly does. This movie still leaves True Believers with cause to worry (because of the first film), but my fanboy nature is taking over, and I can't help but get excited for this film.
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