I've been taking my trusty camera when I go to screenings, and I've taken some shots of Toronto that I think provide an interesting contrast to the photos I took while at the Telluride Film Festival. Toronto is a large, bustling city, full of lots of interesting people and buildings. I hear all the celebs are hiding out in the Four Seasons (above), but I'm more interested in capturing the essence of Toronto itself during the film festival. Sadly, today -- the one day I didn't bring my camera -- there were two parades down Yonge Street, where our hotel is located.

The first, this morning, was a Tai Chi Awareness Day parade -- led by a band of marching bagpipe players in kilts. Later in the day, traffic ground to a halt for the Jesus City Parade, which, I assure you, you would have to see to believe. I was kicking myself for not grabbing my camera to get pics of that, because it was just so colorful, vibrant and fascinating. At any rate, below the fold are some more pictures, and hopefully they'll give you a feel for Toronto during one of the most important film festivals in the world.