Looks like the words 'snuff film' weren't that appealing to Sarah Jessica Parker, as she pulled out of the film Vacancy due to "personal reasons." Kate Beckinsale will replace Parker (who I thought looked a bit strange in this role to begin with) as one-half of a couple who check into a motel and find videocams in their room, only to discover they are being taped for a snuff film.

Luke Wilson co-stars as Beckinsale's boo in the flick, while Frank Whaley has signed on to play the film's anti-hero. Directed by Nimród Antal (off a script by Mark L. Smith), pic marks an interesting role for Wilson, as the actor tends to star in light, breezy comedies and not dark, sadistic thrillers. I often find it difficult to watch a primarily comedic actor take a huge genre jump like this. However, Robin Williams certainly convinced me when he played a twisted lost soul in One Hour Photo and Insomnia. Here's hoping Wilson pulls it off without forcing a chuckle or two out of my mouth.

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