I'm sure this fact is not surprising, but Bruce Campbell is a personal hero of mine, as he is for many, many members of the geek community. A guy named Josh Look attended a Q&A with the B-movie kingpin on Friday in Cambridge, MA, and sent a report over to SuperheroHype. Naturally, somebody asked Campbell about his involvement with the Spider-Man 3 flick, and he responded the he "shouldn't say to much," but did say he and Spider-Man will "team-up." Campbell also bragged that his doorman character in the second Spider-Man film is the only Spidey movie franchise character ever to defeat Spider-Man. Later, after a screening of Bubba Ho-Tep, he joked his role in Spider-Man 3 was "pivotal" to the film. Sadly, SuperheroHype's scooper made no mention of any Bubba Nosferatu news.

You have to respect the relationship between Campbell and Sam Raimi. Raimi is captain big-shot these days in Hollywood, but it's very clear he hasn't forgotten about his early friends. Campbell is certainly not a large character in any of the films, but Raimi continues to put his long-time friend in the franchise. I personally feel that any decision which brings me more Bruce Campbell is a wise one, and applaud Raimi for casting him yet again.
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