There's nothing like the moment of anticipation before you've seen the half-baked, crucially compromised or mortally flawed film in question. Still, when given the choice between summer's poorly animated CGI beasts and fall's Oscar-pimping cat-tearing* among our sweatier over-actors and over-actresses, you don't know which season to worry about more.

Despite the Venice Film Festival's chilly response to The Fountain, I'm going to be waiting for it. The film festival audiences were right about The DaVinci Code, but they're not right about everything. I'm curious why The Black Dahlia (Brian De Palma's new film) didn't get booed, despite its rep as a chestnut-stuffed Joss Harnett-basted turkey. Is it because of a lingering tolerance in Italy for badly-written giallos?

Pan's Labryinth is a film to look forward to this fall -- Guillermo del Toro's odd sensibility blends the weirdest of Mexican horror with an intelligent use of graphics, and I still remember what a startling film Cronos was. It also looks more on the fantasy spectrum like In the Company of Wolves than The Brothers Grimm. Plus, James thought it was good.