Ed Speleers in Eragon

Angie here. Really exciting morning for me -- i had a rising-star sighting. i got to meet the star of 'Eragon'! He's 18-year-old Ed Speleers, and he's adorable. This is his first movie role, his first professional acting job, in fact. So this publicity stuff is all new to him -- and filming the blue-screen stuff was a trip too, he said. He had to emote to a tennis ball on a stick (standing in for the dragon); he admitted that it was surreal at first, but he thought of his friends and his mom to inspire him. Awww ... could he get any cuter? Also, he recently got a five-point star tattooed on his inner wrist; it represents his five best friends, who each got the same tattoo. Guess that means that in five years, it'll be easy to spot his entourage.

And i expect he'll have an entourage in five years, if not sooner. He definitely has star quality. Very good-looking, very charming. Don't know how his acting is, but we don't have too long to wait to find that out -- 'Eragon' is coming out this holiday season (i've heard good buzz from folks who saw a clip at Comic-Con), and we'll have the trailer premiere this Friday, so we may get a hint then.

I told Ed (and i AM on a first-name basis with him ... until he becomes a big star, anyway) i couldn't think of another actor who's been in his situation, a first-time role as lead in what's expected to be a huge movie, but it just came to me that Daniel Radcliffe was almost there: 'Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone' was only his third role. i wish i'd remembered that when i was talking to Ed -- i would've told him to give Radcliffe a ring, for a little advice on what to expect. Next time i see him, i'll mention it. Yeah, second meeting. That'll happen.

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