Newtype (a Japanese publication) has announced a new version of Neon Genesis Evangelionin their October edition. The new Eva will come to us in the form of four cinematic movies, and will attempt to make the franchise "more comprehensible" to average viewers. Fans of Eva know just how tricky and, well, mind-bending the show was the first time around. Before you start screaming about some knucklehead altering your beloved show, you should know the following facts:

  • Hideaki Anno (the man behind Eva's original run) is writing for the films, and is the general supervisor for the entire project.
  • Tsurumaki Kazuya (who directed the first episodes of Eva) will be directing all four films.
  • Yoshiyuki Sadamoto and Ikuto Yamashita (who designed the characters and mechas for Eva) will be designing the characters and mecha for the four movies.

With these guys involved, I'd say the movies stand more than a fighting chance of being both a.) awesome and b.) very faithful to the feel of the original series. The first of the four films is due to hit Japanese theaters next summer, although we Americans will likely have to wait eons and settle for a pitiful DVD release.
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