A brief overview of the parties involved, before I start telling you what they just did:

  • Comic Book Movies is a relatively new company, founded in 2004 by long-time film producer Michael Uslan and his financier, M. John Roberts. The company's major business is to "finance the development and production of motion pictures based on classic American comic books and graphic novels, as well as important Japanese manga properties." Essentially, they are in the geek movie business.
  • Ishimori Entertainment, Inc. controls the works of Shotaro Ishimori -- a man who created over 500 manga characters prior to his death in 1998. Their primary objective is to revitalize the works of Ishimori through movies, TV and merchandise.
  • ITOCHU Corporation is a "globally integrated corporation and operations which cover a broad spectrum of industries." This means they have a lot of money and some amount of influence.

The big news of the day is a partnership between the three, with the express purpose of developing motion picture franchises based on Ishimori's properties. In the deal, ITOCHU became a ten percent partner in CBM. Presumably, ITOCHU will also be aiding in worldwide merchandising should the films become successful.

The major geek-out news from the deal is this could mean (dare we dream?) a modern movie telling of Cyborg 009or Kamen Rider. Stay tuned to Cinematical for updates as soon as they become available.

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