Only a handful of days ago, Brendan Fraser officially announced his involvement in a third installment of The Mummyfranchise. Early news indicates the film will not be a direct sequel, but rather a "re-imagining" of the first two films. Basically, this means "we want to do it again, but with cooler effects." So gone, it would seem, are the rumored terracotta army of a Chinese emperor, unless the re-imagining also involves a serious plot relocation. At the time of the announcement, no word was given on any co-stars or supporting cast for the film, but recently Rachel Weisz answered a question or two about the project while attending the Deauville 32nd annual American Film Festival. She explains, "I know there's a new script but I haven't read it yet. Nothing's definite yet and should the film be done, it's probably going to happen next summer. And if so, I would definitely like to be in it."

So Weisz is interested in returning, should the film make it out of the early stages of development. One would presume the folks in charge of The Mummy 3 (can it be called part three if it isn't actually a sequel?) would likely be interested in Weisz (and her Oscar-sized paycheck?), but I suppose nothing is certain in Hollywood ... except, of course, that any moderately popular movie will always have a sequel on the way.
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