One projector breaking around Michael Moore would mean nothing ... but two, during the same weekend at the same film festival? Does he have some odd effect on Toronto projection equipment? First of all, as Kim related, on Thursday night a projector broke 20 minutes into the midnight screening of Borat. Moore, who attended the screening, offered to fix the projector if the right parts could be located, but to no avail. Instead, he ended up helping Larry Charles, Borat's director, entertain the restless and disappointed audience. No word on whether Moore attended the rescheduled screening on Friday, but the film went off without a hitch.

But wait ... there's more. The next projector incident occurred on Friday night when Moore was trying to show clips from two of his upcoming documentaries. The sound wouldn't work during the clip from The Great '04 Slacker Uprising, so Moore shut it down and wondered if he hadn't incurred some sort of bad karma by breaking his rule never to show works in progress. Fortunately, the equipment was fixed in time to show two clips from Sicko, which is scheduled for release next summer.

Was it coincidence? Does the fact that Larry Charles was with Moore on both occasions have any significance? Is there a covert right-wing projectionist in Toronto? Rest assured that Cinematical will keep a close eye on this situation and will immediately inform you about any further glitches during screenings involving Moore.