Now that the NFL season is officially underway, sparking buzz from across the country this past weekend (including some from me who was up late last night screaming at Eli Manning and the Giants), it's only right that news comes our way regarding a brand new sports-related film.

Vox3 (which sounds more like a sports drink, though it's actually the company behind the Nicole Kidman flick, Fur) has acquired the rights to Peter Alson's memoir, Confessions of an Ivy League Bookie. Alson and David Greenwald will pen the script, with the latter attached to direct. Story revolves around Alson's real-life adventures as a Harvard grad who, while down on his luck, begins to work as a bookie in New York's Greenwich Village where -- and here's the kicker -- he gets a real education. Hey, as long as its better than the abysmal Two for the Money (which, honestly, moved slower than the Giants secondary), then I'm totally game.

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