As of today, it's official: Apple unveiled a whole bunch of new products and features at the "It's Showtime" event in Los Angeles. The new iTunes 7 store features movie downloads from Disney, Miramax, Touchstone and Pixar, just as I had reported it would (no sign of Lionsgate titles just yet). Of course, it wasn't expected that these movies would be immediately available, but apparently they are. The new iTunes video resolution quality has been raised, also, to make it more attractive for TV and movie consumers. Other advances that will help out with this new capability are the new iPods, which don't feature the anticipated wider screen but do have a much brighter one, and iTV, which is a box that connects your computer or iPod to your TV so that viewing the new iTunes movies will be better suited to home viewing.

Though the pricing of the movies is still an issue, today could mark a revolutionary moment for the business of movie downloads. For more on all of Apple's announcements, head over to our sister blog, TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog).
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