You've got to hand it to Ain't It Cool News -- they've been all over the Transformers photo action these past few weeks. Among the most popular (photograph-wise, anyway) of the robots in disguise has been Bumblebee, and the good folks over at AICN have turned up yet another picture of the big bot. This one comes courtesy of some folks over at the SuperheroHype boards, and shows a reclined Bumblebee (the physical model, not a CGI version) waiting to be carted around set. You can dig the picture here, and while you're at it, you can scope a cute little cardboard street "mock-up" designed to give some idea of the size scale between the various Transformers.

As I began to write this post -- I kid you not, that very moment, I received an IM from my buddy John who said the following: "feeling like I want to gouge out my eyes. I just saw concept art for The Transformers movie." Now John is openly "old-school," and his opinions are thus influenced, but the man accurately summed up the opinions of a large portion of the geek community. As one AICN talkbacker wisely put it, "I know Bumblebee, and you, sir, are no Bumblebee."
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