On the heels of the Ishimori announcement (read it here), comes another big news story about a classic anime series. The subject this time is the ever-popular Lupin the 3rd. Producer Gerald R. Molen recently laid claim to two major projects, one a sports drama adapted from a book about baseballers in World War II called Playing With the Enemy: A Baseball Prodigy, A World at War, and a Field of Broken Dreams; the other, Lupin the 3rd. Molen's WhiteLight production company will be handling both films, with the former filming in February. No date has been given for Lupin yet.

So, an Americanized live-action version of Lupin the 3rd. Eh? Yeah, I'm not sure what to think about it either. Somehow, the idea of American producers and directors handling anime projects still sits uneasily with me. Now would be a good time for serious Lupin fans to step in and give me some help. What do you think about bringing Lupin to Hollywood?

Oh yeah, and that baseball thing sounds fun, too.
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