While most of Hollywood's big shots are likely up in Toronto for the film festival, producer Brian Grazer is reportedly hanging around NYC for Fashion Week. According to Radar, he was in Bryant Park on Sunday taking in the shows of Diane von Furstenberg and Naeem Khan, and sources say he wasn't there to merely check out the new collections. Grazer may also be doing some research for a new film about Vivienne Westwood, the designer who helped pioneer the punk look in the late '70s with then-husband Malcolm McLaren. At this time we can only speculate as to whether the project will be a biopic or a documentary -- Grazer recently spotlighted '70s decadence with the doc Inside Deep Throat -- or even if it has anything to do with the punk movement at all. But, considering Grazer's own hair could be compared to Sid Vicious', I can only hope that he's curious about how safety pins and torn clothes were given their fashionable beginning.

In the event the film is a dramatic telling of her younger days, I can imagine a few actresses in the role, including Toni Collette, Kim Gordon, and my personal choice, Cara Seymour. Then, Grazer could have Judi Dench or Maggie Smith as the older Westwood. I'd love to see either one of them take on the hair and wardrobe for the part.

[via Hollywood Wiretap]
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