Though it's taken forever to get off the ground, Helen Hunt is finally gearing up for production on her directorial debut, Then She Found Me. Pic, which is just about to start shooting in Brooklyn, New York has added Colin Firth, Matthew Broderick and Bette Midler to its cast. Not bad for her first feature, huh?

Based on the novel by Elinor Lipman, Hunt has been working on adapting the script (a role she took on herself) for the past eight years. In the film, Hunt will play a schoolteacher whose birth mother (Midler) pops into her life at the worst possible time. Broderick will play Hunt's husband, while Firth takes on the role of a man she meets through one of her students.

Personally, I'm not keen on first-time directors placing themselves in their film as a main character. Often, I find it takes something away from the role and, with so much going on behind the scenes, the flick might suffer. However, in this case, Hunt has been working on the damn thing for so long, I imagine she has every detail memorized by heart. Here's to wishing her good luck.

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